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Bentayga services

On this page you will find a short description of the range of My Bentley services available across our Bentayga models. The services can be grouped into three categories: In-car services, Remote services and Emergency services.

Please be aware that not all services are available on each model. For more information on availability by model and country, please see Service Availability.

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Private eCall

In the event of an accident, Private eCall will initiate automatically to establish a call with the Bentley Emergency Call Centre. The call centre operator will be able to pinpoint your location and view information relating to the condition of vehicle. They are trained to guide and assist you and will coordinate the necessary emergency services on your behalf. Private eCall can also be initiated manually by pressing the SOS button in the roof console of the vehicle.

Roadside assistance call

In the event of a breakdown, Roadside assistance call provides a direct line to the Bentley Roadside Assistance Call Centre who will arrange the necessary recovery service. You can initiate the call by pressing the roadside assistance button in the roof console of the vehicle.