Continental services

On this page you will find a short description of the range of My Bentley services available across our Continental models. The services can be grouped into three categories: In-car services, Remote services and Emergency services.

Please be aware that not all services are available on each model. For more information on availability by model and country, please see Service Availability.

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Wi-Fi hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspot lets you create a wireless in-car internet network for you and your passengers. You can connect up to eight devices allowing you to stay in touch with the outside world from the comfort of your Bentley.

Apple CarPlay®

Apple CarPlay® is a smarter and safer way to use your iPhone® in the vehicle. CarPlay® takes the things you want to do with your phone whilst driving and puts them right on your car's built-in touch screen Infotainment display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.

Satellite maps

Satellite maps assist with orientation by using satellite imagery to create a rendering of your surroundings. The downloaded images are intelligently cached to lower the data volume meaning that they will be readily available for your most frequent routes.

Online search

Online search powered by Google™ lets you search online for specific or unusual locations using a free text field in the vehicle's Navigation system. It works in the same way as a Google internet search returning extensive and up-to-date results including star rating, reviews, opening hours etc. where available.

Real-time traffic information

Real-time traffic information (RTTI) gathers the latest information on traffic flow and incorporates it into the vehicle's Navigation system to help you avoid congestion on your route.

Fuel info

Fuel info identifies the nearest fuel stations in the area or at a destination of your choice, allowing you to navigate to the most convenient location. You can filter the results by distance or price.


News lets you access the latest headlines on-the-go. At the touch of a button, the selected article can be read out loud to you, allowing you to maintain focus on the road.


Weather provides you with detailed weather conditions for your location or at a destination of your choice.

Map update

Map update allows you to upgrade your maps over-the-air, hassle-free. You can check for updates and download new maps as required.

Local hazard information (Swarm service)

Local hazard information uses live cloud data from vehicles ahead to make you aware of hazards along your route. These include accidents, poor road conditions and reduced visibility.

Traffic sign recognition (Swarm service)

Traffic sign recognition uses live cloud data from vehicles ahead to make you aware of current or temporary speed restrictions and traffic signs along your route.


Find my car

Find my car saves the last parked location of your vehicle and uses your smartphone’s mapping system to guide you back to it.

My car status

My car status lets you view various updates about your vehicle through the My Bentley app. This includes the status of your locks, lights, fuel range and mileage as well as service intervals and dashboard warnings.

Lock my car

Lock my car lets you lock and unlock your vehicle from anywhere using the My Bentley app. You can also check if your windows, doors, boot or bonnet have been left open.

Activate heating

Activate heating lets you remotely activate climate control in the vehicle ahead of your journey. The cabin will heat to the last temperature setting that was used in the vehicle, it will not cool.

Theft alert

In the event of an alarm activation on the vehicle you will receive a push notification and an alert in the My Bentley app. The alert details the reason why the alarm triggered and also includes a date and timestamp of when the event occurred.


Private eCall

In the event of an accident, Private eCall will initiate automatically to establish a call with the Bentley Emergency Call Centre. The call centre operator will be able to pinpoint your location and view information relating to the condition of vehicle. They are trained to guide and assist you and will coordinate the necessary emergency services on your behalf. Private eCall can also be initiated manually by pressing the SOS button in the roof console of the vehicle.

Roadside assistance call

In the event of a breakdown, Roadside assistance call provides a direct line to the Bentley Roadside Assistance Call Centre who will arrange the necessary recovery service. You can initiate the call by pressing the roadside assistance button in the roof console of the vehicle.